Deliveroo Riders

Events, competitions and discounts. There’s a whole lot going on for Deliveroo riders. Keep up to date with the latest and greatest.

Apr 2020 What to do when you can’t reach a customer

We’ve built a new step-by-step process into the rider app.

Mar 2020 Contact-free deliveries

Starting today, we’re launching contact-free delivery. Here’s how it works.

Mar 2020 Staying safe during coronavirus

Information on protecting yourself and others from coronavirus

Jul 2019 The second annual Rider Awards

Check out the celebrations from the 2019 Rider Awards

Jul 2019 New! Message customers from the app

Choose a prewritten message to start chatting with customers in the app.

Jun 2019 Get 15% off everything at Mango Bikes

Mango Bikes are giving Deliveroo riders 15% off

May 2019 Win an iPhone XS worth €999

Just sign up to Portify today and enter the prize draw.

May 2019 Tips for Ramadan: taking breaks

Here are a few tips to look after yourself during Ramadan.

Mar 2019 50% off cycling safety accessories from CYCL

Get 50% off WingLights LED turn signals and mirrors for bicycles.

Mar 2019 30% off D. Franklin clothes and accessories

Money off sunglasses, shoes, clothes, backpacks and more.

Mar 2019 30% off Quad Lock for riders

Quad Lock is the most secure smartphone mount around.

Mar 2019 Get 38% off a bike GPS tracker

Portify is giving away 3 GPS trackers to keep your bike safe.

Mar 2019 20% off selected products at Scooter Wear

Tucano Urbano are the number one brand for quality scooter gear.

Mar 2019 Free cold drink from Supermac’s everyday

Claim one free soft drink every day at participating stores.

Feb 2019 Reporting crime to An Garda Síochána

Police advice on what to do in case of an emergency.

Feb 2019 50% off CYCL safety accessories

Get 50% off WingLights turn signals and mirrors.

Feb 2019 Up to 50% off Beryl Bike lights

Get your lights at an exclusive price for riders.

Feb 2019 40% off Hiplok security locks

Products discounted exclusively for riders.

Jan 2019 Claim your free drink from KFC every day!

Stay refreshed with your free hot or cold drink

Jan 2019 Caring for your kit 

Our tips for keeping your kit in tip top condition

Dec 2018 Portify – deals, discounts and more

Get money off everyday perks, and tools to help you keep more money.

Oct 2018 Edit your details in the app

Change your phone number and email without emailing Support

Sep 2018 We’re supporting you with Ride and Learn

Online courses and degree qualifications now available.

Aug 2018 Welcome Deliveroo Plus


Today we’re launching our new subscription service in Ireland.

Jul 2018 Need new kit? Visit the Kit Store

Purchase new core and extra kit through the Kit Store

Jul 2018 Your earnings with Deliveroo

Read more about how our fees work

Jul 2018 Information about delivery fees

New fees are based on the distance and time each delivery takes

Jun 2018 Cycling and pedestrian areas

It’s really important to know the risks of cycling in pedestrian zones.

Jun 2018 Great food shouldn’t cost the earth

Eat amazing food in an environmentally friendly way.

Jun 2018 An easier way to track your earnings

You can now see a breakdown of all your orders and fees.

May 2018 Your free rider insurance


Market-leading cover to protect you when you’re on the road with us.

May 2018 Protecting data


Information on how we protect personal data.

May 2018 Working with Deliveroo and paying taxes

When you work with Deliveroo, you’re responsible for paying your taxes.

May 2018 We’ve got your back with free insurance

We’re giving riders free accident insurance to protect you on the road.

Mar 2018 Celebrating International Women’s Day

Meet some of the brilliant women that ride with us around the world.

Feb 2018 Tech round-up: Why am I offered specific orders?

Find out how the algorithm matches riders with restaurant orders.

Feb 2018 Tech round-up: How do you know when to offer me an order?

Find out how the algorithm works out when you offer you an order.

Nov 2017 Update: 200th city launch

Today is a really exciting day, as we’re launching our 200th Deliveroo city globally. Thanks for helping to make this happen!

Nov 2017 Kit Care: Waterproof jacket

Here are some tips on how to wash your jacket, and how to reproof it if it has lost it’s waterproofing.

Oct 2017 Events: Rider lunch with Will

Our Co-founder and CEO, Will Shu, hosted the first Rider Lunch at the Deliveroo headquarters in London.

Aug 2017 Scooter checks

Vehicle checks ensure your vehicle is safe for the road

Aug 2017 Bicycle checks

Vehicle checks ensure your vehicle is safe for the road

Aug 2017 Fee per drop riders

Try out the Rider App if you’re a rider on a fee per drop model

Aug 2017 Preparing for deliveries

Safety first, we want you to be prepared for being on the road

Aug 2017 Roo Community

An introduction to our fantastic Roo Community

Aug 2017 Help

Where to find all the information you’ll need

Aug 2017 Substitution

Having someone else provide their services to Deliveroo on your behalf

Aug 2017 Delivering the order

Go home knowing you have put a smile on your customers faces

Aug 2017 Receiving an order

What you need to prepare to receive and deliver orders

Aug 2017 Delivering age-restricted items

If you are delivering alcohol, you must comply with the law

Aug 2017 Health & Safety

Hygiene, health and safety on the road

Aug 2017 Bicycle safety

Important safety tips for cycling on the road

Aug 2017 Junctions & more

Let’s look at some common road maneuvers

Aug 2017 Signs & hazards

Now you’re on the road, there are some important things to remember

Aug 2017 Scooter safety

Important safety tips for riding your scooter on the road

Aug 2017 Junctions & filtering

Keeping yourself alert and aware on the road

Aug 2017 Signs & hazards

Now you’re on the road, there are some important things to remember

Aug 2017 Preparing for deliveries

Safety first, we want you to be prepared for being on the road

Aug 2017 Welcome to Deliveroo

Everything you need to know about riding with us

Jul 2017 Safety: Reporting crime to the police

Police advice on what to do in case of an emergency.

Jul 2017 Safety: An important update from Will Shu

Your safety is our priority, tell us your concerns and help us take action.

Jan 2017 Update: Deliveroo by numbers

Some fun facts to show you just how busy Roos have been.

Nov 2016 Safety: Staying safe this winter

Your safety is our number one priority. Here are some safety tips.

Jun 2016 Update: Hyper-reflective Kit

Everything you need to stay safe on the road.