We know how important it is that you always have access to the app, so if you’re impacted by an outage, here’s what we do


We’ll send you a message as soon as we are aware of the outage and we will also let you know as soon as we’ve fixed the problem.


If you’re logged in or have booked a session when an outage occurs, stay on the road and we’ll offer you fees for 2.5 deliveries per hour while we’re down.
We’ll let you know as soon as we’re back up and running, as we expect to have loads of orders waiting for you.

Self-serve booking statistics:

Any impact on your statistics will only be temporary, as the team will put them right within the week – before sessions are released and priority groups are confirmed for the upcoming week.
If you have logged in within the first 15 minutes of a booked session before an outage takes place, or if an outage means you are unable to log in to a booked session, this session will count as ‘attended’.
If it’s between 19:00 – 21:00 on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, these attended sessions will also count towards your super-peak participation statistics.