Distance-based fees trial for hourly riders

During July and August riders on the hourly payment model can choose to test out our new distance-based fee system, and the new order screen, to decide if they work for you. You can find out more about these new features here.

From Thursday 5 July you can sign up for the trial by clicking the link in the email you were sent. We’ll send you a new agreement to sign so that we can switch you to fee-per-delivery.

If you want to return to your old pay model after the trial ends in August you must email [email protected] by 30 August 2018.

The trial will let you use most features of our fee per delivery payment model including:

  • New distance-based fees, paying you more for longer deliveries
  • The new delivery screen – showing you the full journey from your current location to the restaurant and the customer, plus the full delivery fee you’ll get for completing it
  • The option to accept or reject orders you’re offered
  • The ability to see how long you’ve been waiting at a restaurant and the option to unassign yourself if you’re waiting too long

We believe you should make as much, if not more from this new fee structure than you do on your current hourly rate. If you don’t, we’ll pay you the difference.

During the July-August trial, if you make less in any pay period than you would have done for completing the same number of orders on your old hourly rate, we’ll pay you the difference.

This offer only applies to orders in booking zones – it doesn’t include orders in free login zones.

The amount is calculated by how many orders you’re offered while online, including any orders you reject.