Boost your fees the more you ride

At certain times and places we offer extra order incentives to make sure riders always make great fees. These incentives are reviewed on an ongoing basis and change in line with customer demand.

For every order you complete in the zones listed below, we’ll add extra to your fees – meaning you can boost your earnings the more you ride.


Current incentives

CityZoneIncentive per orderDates
DublinBLA€5.00Oct 28-Nov 10
DublinTAL€5.00Oct 28-Nov 10
DublinSWO€3.00Oct 28-Nov 10
DublinDUN-DDK€0.40Oct 28-Nov 10
CorkCOR-DOU€0.50Oct 28-Nov 10
DublinBLA€5November 11-24
DublinSWO€3.80November 11-24
DublinTAL€4November 11-24
DublinDDK€0.20November 11-24
DublinDUN€0.20November 11-24


How are incentives calculated?

If you complete 5 orders each day of the week where we’re offering €1, that’s 35 orders – meaning we’ll add an extra €35 to your fees (€1 for every order completed). That’s on top of your normal earnings!

The incentive counts orders in each fee period (that’s Monday-Sunday), and runs for the dates listed above. For an order to count, it needs to be picked up from a restaurant inside the zone, and must be completed. Order incentives only apply to fee per delivery riders.

Any extra fees will be paid to you the usual way – every week on a Tuesday – with your invoice. You won’t see them on your Earnings screen, and you won’t have an option to claim incentives early with cash out.