Get 38% off a bike GPS tracker

Riders can get an exclusive offer with Sherlock to keep their bike safe with a 38% discount on an invisible bike GPS tracker, saving you €68.

What you get:

  • An invisible Sherlock Bike GPS device
  • Additional caps pack
  • 2 years of internet connection
  • Express free shipping to UK/Ireland

Sherlock is an invisible GPS bike tracker, designed to be hidden inside one of your bike’s handlebars. It’s easy to install and adapts to straight and curved handlebars.

Connecting to the app on your iOS or Android smartphone, Sherlock helps you keep your bik safe, tracking it in case of theft with GPS and GPRS localization.

If your bike is tampered with you’ll immediately receive a notification on your phone via your app. Because the tracker remains hidden, a thief won’t be able to detect it, meaning you have more time to track it down accurately.


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