Kit care: Waterproof jacket

We want you to get the best use out of your rider kit, so we asked some riders to help us put together some tips for you.

As we go into the winter season, your waterproof jacket will become a vital piece of kit. Here are some tips on how to wash your waterproof jacket, and how to reproof it if it has lost it’s waterproofing.

If a waterproof jacket is working properly, water should bead off of the surface. If water starts to settle into the surface and the jacket looks wet or damp then it may be time to clean and perhaps re-proof.

Step 1: Spot Clean
* Remove mud or excess dirt on the jacket, brush these off using a dry sponge or clothes brush. This excess mud and dirt can damage the fibres during washing, for this reason,
* Wash jacket separately 

Step 2: Machine Wash
* Use a cold hand or gentle machine wash
* Make sure you clean out detergent tray from residue from previous washes

Step 3: Check
* Once wash is complete, check for any places where the water has been absorbed rather than repelled.
* If water has been absorbed the jacket will need reproofing

* Riders have recommended using reproofing agents such as Nikwax or Fabsil