Make up to €250 per friend you refer

Think you know someone who’d be a great addition to the Roo Community? Refer friends to ride with Deliveroo and make some extra money!

A successful referral counts as someone who's completed 30 orders.

Current referral fees

We've got just the right number of riders on the road, so we aren't currently offering any referral incentives. If you used your referral code before we stopped, we'll process your referral payment as normal.

Referral FAQs

A rider counts as successfully referred once they have completed 30 orders

You will receive the money on the nearest pay cycle following the completion of the referred rider’s 30th order.

Share your referral code with your friend, and make sure they use your referral code on their initial application form.

Your referral code is found in the ‘Referrals’ section in the rider app.

Up to 50 per year – but as many as you want in total.

Fill in a fee query form if you haven’t received your referral fee. Please include the names of the riders you referred.

Any rider (‘Referrer’) who refers a friend (‘Applicant’) to join Deliveroo will be eligible for a payment of up to €200 per bicycle rider* and €250 per scooter/motorbike/car rider once the Applicant has delivered 20 orders (‘Referral Reward’). The amount to be paid will depend on the city the Referrer and the vehicle of the Applicant.

Any Applicant who enters a valid referral code in their application form will be entitled to a €50 reward once they have completed 30 orders (“Applicant Reward”). The code must be entered into the application correctly by the Applicant in order to be valid as incorrect codes will not be recognised.

There is no limit to how many Applicants a Referrer can refer/ be paid out for if the appropriate criteria is met.

The Referral Reward and Applicant Reward will be paid on the next fee day following the date on which the Applicant completes its 30th order.

If the Applicant does not complete 30 orders within 90 days of application neither party will receive payment.

For both the Referrer and Applicant to receive their respective rewards, the Referrer must still work with Deliveroo and be able to receive orders when the Referral Reward and Applicant Fee become payable.

If the Applicant has previously worked with Deliveroo within the previous 3 months of their application date, neither the Referrer nor the Applicant will be eligible for any Reward.

The amount of Referral Rewards for both the Referrer and Applicant is subject to change at any time. The amount that will be paid for Referral Reward and Applicant Reward will be the amount that was advertised at the time the application was received by Deliveroo from the Applicant.