Junctions, roundabouts & filtering

To keep yourself alert and aware on the road, also remember COAST:

C – Concentration

Distractions such as listening to music, using your phone or checking delivery addresses will all impact on your concentration levels.

When working with Deliveroo you will use the app on your phone to receive orders and suggested directions.

Make sure the phone is always in a holder and that it is showing the route before starting your journey.

Music in your ears or talking on your phone will detract from your ability to hear other road users.

O – Observation

Reading the road and information around you e.g. traffic signs, signals and drivers in their mirrors, will give you the clues to anticipate hazards. Reading the road further ahead makes this easier.

A – Anticipation

By picking up on the clues you can anticipate the possible actions of other road users, e.g. a driver glancing in their mirror to change lanes, a shadow in a vehicle about to open a door, ice cream van near a play park where children might step out, bus stop and passengers crossing.

S – Space

If you anticipate you can allow space to deal with hazards without incident. Think of space as having your personal escape route if it all goes wrong.

T – Time

Space = Time, run out off space and you will run out of time. Everyone needs time to react. More time to think about your situation gives you the ability to think through the best options.