Paying Taxes

When you work with Deliveroo, you’re responsible for paying your own taxes.

The fees you earn from riding with Deliveroo will be considered non-PAYE income for tax purposes and may be subject to income tax. The deadline to declare this income is 31 October of the following year. We know taxes can be complicated so we’ve partnered with to make it as easy as possible to stay compliant with your tax obligations. provides individuals with tax preparation services

Such as helping with tax returns and other paperwork and access to 24 hr online help. is currently offering Deliveroo riders a discount of up to €80 on Irish tax filing fees. Click here to learn more.

Deliveroo’s presentation of is not an endorsement

Tax advice is complicated and you should make sure you are happy with any advice you receive. Deliveroo is not responsible for any tax or other advice provided by or any other company to you.